House or boat? What to choose and why

So many people who wish to make the purchase of a second home in a holiday resort do not think that a great choice could be to buy a boat!

A yacht, (motor sailing or catamaran that is) is a conceptually dynamic means, conceived to move and places those who use it in a mental and real state of movement, in an almost boundless space like the sea.

The dimensions of the current boats are always greater, with decidedly livable volumes and new layouts that can satisfy even the most demanding people. The work of the designers in recent years has in fact focused on making spaces more and more effective by improving their ergonomics and managing volumes that become fully exploitable.

In the choice of a boat there is a strong “playful” component, but also functional, that must be evaluated . The “usable” surface of a boat is more than doubled with the outdoor space especially if you think of a catamaran.

You can also reflect on the fact that with the purchase of a boat you buy, potentially for life, even holidays! A second house by the sea or in the mountains is designed for leisure, but does not represent the holiday itself.

The boat instead allows you to spend the summer potentially visiting every day a new stretch of coast, with a well-being for the mind and the physique impossible to quantify. Fuel, in the case of a sailboat, affects very little, practically to an insignificant extent. A cost to keep in mind during a boat holiday (especially in high season) is that of the ports, but in fact it must be evaluated that there is no obligation to stay overnight in a marina. You can decide to go to port only when there is bad weather or to refuel with diesel and water and then spend every night in a different bay, with aperitifs at sunset and invigorating baths invigorating at dawn, eliminating or almost eliminating port expenses.

Especially those who live throughout the year in crowded cities or in areas with cold and humid climate instinctively try to recover well-being with holidays in places not frequented and warm. The idea of buying a boat in a seaside resort gives a double advantage: in autumn – winter and spring you can exploit it for short or long weekends – regenerating ends on board , while in summer you can sail every time to new places to visit while staying away from the crowds of summer holidays; choosing shaves and wilder areas for those who love complete tranquility.

For those who are further away, and we think for example to foreign customers who decide to buy a boat in Italy and use it mainly in the summer, agencies like Oceanis Yachts (OY) offer a full service of guardianage and service throughout the year. This means that the owner will only have to worry about getting on board and setting off or spending his holiday in the marina at our bases (Sanremo – Portosole , Marina degli Aregai , Ventimiglia- Cala Del Forte, Varazze, Monaco – Côte d’Azur).

Our company also offers a skipper service and if necessary courses and navigation assistance, so that even the less experienced can benefit from our professionalism to better live their experience of the sea.

To conclude, considering the purchase of a boat instead of a house in a holiday resort can be an excellent solution but above all a choice of life that allows an unexpected freedom of movement that you will hardly know how to give up !

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