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World leader in sailing catamarans, Lagoon is a brand dedicated to life, comfort and freedom.
Imagine a safe haven. A refuge away from home. A sanctuary of intimacy from which to explore the immensity of the world. Here is freedom in all its glory.

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Oceanis are the Lagoon Catamaran official dealer. Contact us to find and configure a new or used Lagoon Catamaran.

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Lagoon Sailing Yacht 40


A design characterized by autonomy, brightness and success to offer a refined and high performance experience. A new generation Lagoon, recognizable at first sight.

Lagoon 42 Sailing Yacht


A dynamic, decisive and sporty character for a new deckhouse design and an elegant silhouette characterized by fluid curves. A project signed by VPLP: a performance guarantee!

Lagoon 46 Sailing Yacht


The Lagoon 46 reinforces the fundamentals that have made the brand a hedonist and generous sailing reference: freedom and audacity, gentle lifestyle and innovation. So many beliefs that are expressed in a style that Patrick le Quément has strengthened and harmonised through every new birth.

Lagoon 51


The latest catamaran from the Lagoon shipyard. Discover the special convivial space. Flybridge, cockpit and even larger interiors for a 360° view of the sea.

Lagoon 52 F Sailing Yacht

Lagoon 52 F  

This Lagoon is the result of lengthy discussions between the architects at VPLP, the Italian Nauta Design agency and the Lagoon design department. This led some important and sometimes radical choices in terms of elegance, comfort, safety, user friendliness and, it goes without saying, performance under sail.

Lagoon 55 Sailing Yacht


Every single detail speaks to this boat’s strength and beauty, a triumph to be admired and enjoyed for years to come. This boat offers everything even the most discerning sea lovers could ask for.

Lagoon SIXTY 5 Sailing Yacht


Slender, intrepid, eager for wind and spray, precise and elegant, the SIXTY 5 is made to navigate the known and the unknown, to share the adventure with those who love it by allowing them to be one with the boat.

Lagoon SEVENTY 7 Sailing Yacht


This more than 23-metre yacht marks an important step for Lagoon towards a world in which elegance and refinement are the watchwords. Lagoon brought together an illustrious team for the design of its flagship: VPLP, Patrick le Quément and Nauta Design.

Lagoon 55 in action

Configure your Lagoon Catamaran

Oceanis are the Lagoon Catamaran official dealer
Contact us to configure your Lagoon Catamaran.

Email your request Call us: +39 0184 481113

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