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Your Green Experience

Our “engine” has always been experience: ours, built over the years to guide you in the continuous discovery of the sea, and yours, which stimulates us to continually innovate.

Our “fuel” or our mission is to continue to offer you an ever more other wordly experience of the sea.

A new way of living and protecting the sea is now an absolute priority, which is why our “engine” and our “fuel” must consciously meet the reality that surrounds us. Hence our new promise: to offer you your first OYour Green Experience.

We know this is only a beginning, but drop by drop, we can make a difference, which is why we have decided to commit ourselves on several fronts:

Create an alternative
The Green Package, a selection of eco-friendly products to use on board, is taking shape thanks to several collaborations.

Reduce the footprint of our offices
A plastic-free perspective and a move to more sustainable products.

Support initiatives and establish Partnerships
Collaborate with others who share our mission, for example, financing the SeaBin in Porto Vecchio, Sanremo.

Raise awareness and motivate others
And so our Magazine was born, to create together an increasingly sustainable nautical practices.

OYour Green Experience: the Magazine

Our free editorial aims to raise awareness of how essential it is to preserve the environment and reduce the impact of navigation.

Seven sections that pose the question “Why Change?”. New habits, discover new products and technical innovations. Changes: large and small – that each of us can do on board. We would like to rethink our holidays, without giving up the wonders that the sea can give us with great destinations and unforgettable experiences. Get the latest superyacht ecological news and find out about the latest events and information that can support us on this new journey. We are proud of the Stories of the Sea column where we recount some of the stories that are part of this exciting new journey.

This is just a beginning. Sometimes you just need to set off with the certainty that if the direction is right, the wind will help you navigate safely to your destination.

Happy reading.

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