At Oceanis Yachts, we believe strongly in collaboration, because we are confident that a group of people who share a common goal can truly achieve the impossible

Med Yacht Services


A simple claim that unveils MYS essence: simplifying life on board through 360° assistance, going beyond customers expectations and beyond geographical boundaries.

Med Yacht Services

Our close collaboration with one of the most reliable international Yacht Agencies stems from the sharing of common values and from our desire of offering to our clients all the services they need while on board to ensure the best experience at sea.

MYS operates worldwide thanks to a network of offices located in the most exclusive marinas in Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, USA & Bahamas.

A global assistance, 24/7 to support customers in every phase of their cruise. From maritime formalities & custom procedures, to port booking, bunkering, provisioning, shipping, guardianage, refitting and technical services, fiscal representation and legal assistance. In addition to this, MYS also offers support in the creation of bespoke itineraries and the booking of luxury transportation, restaurants, hotels, local activities and events, car hire, tenders and water toys… to ensure an all-round experience at sea.

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