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World leader in sailing catamarans, Lagoon is a brand dedicated to life and freedom, Lagoon was born from a dream that combines travel and comfort.

Imagine a safe haven. A “refuge” away from home. A sanctuary of intimacy from which to explore the immensity of the world. Here is freedom in all its glory.

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Lagoon Catamaran 67


The SIXTY 7 expresses first of all: a reasoned elegance. An elegance from the purity of its lines. A beauty that is joyfully contradictory: vast and yet concise.

Lagoon 78


Over 24 metres in length, designed by the greats naval architecture, VPLP, Patrick Le Quément and Nauta Design, this yacht signals entrance into a Motor Yacht world in which luxury and comfort are the watchwords. Her silhouette, timeless elegance and harmonious lines go hand in hand with large volumes to create a universe free of compromise, in which space is true luxury.

Lagoon Seventy 8 in action

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Oceanis are the Lagoon Catamaran official dealer

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